Native Girls Code

A Club for Native Girls ages 12-18 in the Seattle area

This year-round club for young Native women meets bi-monthly throughout the school year and during school breaks. NGC provides positive role modeling through strong teachers, mentors and program partners. We foster development of a strong identity and resiliency with grounding in traditional knowledge. Cultural wisdom is passed to the next generation through cultural arts, plant and medicine knowledge, healthy foods, and experiential learning within ecological restoration projects. Our STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) curriculum emphasizes computer coding skills and expands opportunities for healthy futures.

Activities include:

  • Cultural ARTS
  • Traditional Teachings
  • Computer Coding
  • Field Trips
  • Camps and Conferences
  • Healthy Foods
  • Working with partners in STEM fields

Partnering with Tech

During a day-long visit to Google’s Seattle campus, girls experienced a whole new world of possibilities! They learned from Google women, designed applications to solve real life community issues, and explored the inner workings of computer science.

Facebook Seattle presented the girls with MacBooks!

Girls learn through experience doing projects with University of Washington iSchool and NASA Space Consortium.

What Girls Say

“ NGC brought young Native women together. We were all strangers, now we are all good friends. Learning about our history, about nature and plants, how to treat them and how to use them has been amazing. ”

Jayd, 16

“NGC is important because it teaches girls how to do different things and try new things, not to be scared. To be who you are. My favorite thing I learned was coding and how I can do different things with just one simple thing as coding.”

Adrienne, 13

“I joined NGC because in this group they fully immerse you in technology and natural resources that teach you skills you can grow from and use for the rest of your life. I believe NGC provides the needed space where you can learn different things and honestly there is nothing else quite like it.”

Shoshanna, 16

How You Can Help

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Donations big and small help us further our vision of powerful Native female-centered activism and leadership.

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